Vance on Williams and Jackson


should be championing MPs like . Brave, willing to speak their mind and stand up for the vulnerable.

Instead, Andrew Little’s office appear to have humiliated her by making her publicly back down. …

The handling of this little skirmish was cloddish. Firstly, Little misled journalists on Thursday by claiming Jackson hadn’t made up his mind and this was all a rumour started by the Maori party.

Behind the scenes, Labour MPs and members were seething with rage – both over the unfair leap-frogging and the casual abandonment of the party’s gender quota. The obfuscation further enraged them.

Right from the beginning, Andrew Little should have brushed off the Williams-Jackson spat. Labour is a broad church, after all. And outside of the Beltway, no one was paying that much attention.

The over-sensitive reaction has blown the story out of all proportion – and into the news bulletins for another day.

But worst of all, Labour is now the party that gagged one of its promising female MPs to spare the pride of a man who victim-shamed a teenager, live on air.

But it seems that’s ok, because some commentators judge he has the ‘common-touch’ with voters.

And we thought “I’m sorry for being a man” was a low point.

Never ever assume Labour has reached a low point. They always have the capacity to get lower.

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