More on North Korea’s magnificent economic achievements

In 2013 was quoted as saying:

What they found surprised them – a people who were poor, yes, but wonderfully engaged, well-dressed, fully employed and well informed. In Gareth’s view, what has achieved economically despite its lack of access to international money has been magnificent.

The Herald has some more details of these wonderfully engaged fully employed North Koreans enjoying the magnificent North Korean economy:

Last December, shocking footage emerged which revealed children as young as five doing hard labour.

The footage, released by UK newspaper The Mirror, showed young children working as a chain gang in a rail yard under the harsh sun.

Using hammers and axes, the youngsters can be seen hauling large sacks of heavy rocks as their teachers and other adults bark orders at them.

Just last month, it also emerged that North Korea’s Masikryong Ski Resort, popular with the country’s elite, has thousands of men, women and children working on the site often under horrendous conditions.

Using pickaxes, sticks and wooden shovels, workers are engaged in backbreaking work clearing the snow, NBC revealed.

The broadcaster also found some of the children appeared to be only 11 or 12 while many others looked to be teenagers.

Truly magnificent.

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