Guest Post: Watercare

A guest post by a reader:

Where do I start, I look back at recent events in our community and reflect on all of the years that WC knew about:

  • Ageing assets in terms of infrastructure (Pipes), Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and Pumping Stations.
  • A growing population in NZ largest city, with a clear indication that land in the north of AKLD was to be released.
  • A WTP in Huia with surrounding land earmarked for future development.
  • AKLD centralisation of local government and the collation of regional DP’s in order to form the Unitary Plan. They missed an opportunity to make a submission on WC land.


I could add more but I guess you can get the handle.

Recently WC have written to local residents referring to an earlier communication in November about the purchase of land at 130 Parker Road and the future selection process for the new WTP – nobody in our community got that communication.

In the last 2 weeks it has been full on as we were told of 2 sites on Parker Road and sent information that clearly displayed homes that fall in the WTP zone.

WC board minutes (sec 10) consistently talk about “Working with Local Boards” and local engagement – well in relation to our community and our local board nobody knew – our LB only found out when we told them. Well that’s what people think but I cannot believe WC failed to talk about the biggest West AKLD Project and not mention it to AKLD Council or Local Boards – I mean WC is managed by AKLD Council…

We turned out in force at the first public consult meeting, the community was not happy and WC felt our angst – to be fair those WC Managers hung in and listened. In that meeting we were told of 3 potential sites for the new WTP:

  • Adjacent WC land at Woodlands Park close to the existing Huia WTP.
  • On WC land at Manuka Road next to the current Huia WTP.
  • 130 Parker Road – Oratia. A new WTP.

In the meeting it became clear that the 130 Parker Road site is actually much bigger and goes beyond the original plan. This wipes out over 30 homes and families from the heart of Oratia Valley. We are living under a massive black cloud and all formal reports on the WC www are clear of the intention, WC are coming to Oratia as what they are planning will not fit at any other site.

Public consultation is a box for WC to tick, Local Board engagement is words the CEO reports to the board and WC can hide behind the Public Works Act.

I’m told cancelled the second community meeting at the last minute.

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