NZ Innovation

Phil McCaw of Movac writes on NZ Innovation:

  • Innovation A+ – We’re world class innovators and there’s plenty of evidence to support this:  Rocket Labs, LanzaTech, Xero, PowerByProxi, Weta Studios, 8i, Aroa Biosurgery, Pushpay, Vista to name a few
  • Execution B+ – This is where we face several significant challenges.  But, let’s be realistic, the leap from a great start to a great ($100m+ revenue) business is huge, there will be lots of fallout and that’s natural.  There is a shortage of capital in New Zealand but my experience is the best business do get funded.

His solutions:

  1. Fewer, better Accelerators
  2. Continue to grow Angel Investment
  3. Realign the balance between taxpayer supported research vs development funding
  4. Continue to build and support a domestic Venture Capital industry
  5. Don’t constrain New Zealand funds to New Zealand only investment
  6. Establish a public/private partnership to help develop our Great Founders into Great Leaders

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