Most ridiculous boycott ever

Stuff reports:

New Zealand bars are joining in a boycott of Coopers beer, after it featured in an Australian Bible Society video about marriage equality.

The family behind the brand has been donors to the Bible Society for many years and the brewery put out a commemorative beer marking its 200th anniversary.

The society said it had teamed up with Coopers Premium Light for a new campaign to help “reach even more Australians with God’s word”. 

Accompanying this was a video of a conversation between Australian MPs Tim Wilson and Andrew Hastie in which they outlined their positions on marriage equality. WIlson is for it while Hastie is not.

That sparked a social media backlash.

Several bars in Australia announced a boycott of the beer brand.

In New Zealand, Auckland’s The Wine Cellar said it would no longer stock its products.

It was reported on that five bars in Wellington –  Bad Grannies, Vinyl, Eva Beva, The Fat Angel and Ivy –  had also decided to stop selling Coopers beer and would donate 50c from every sale of the remaining stock to No Pride in Prisons.

This is just bonkers.

The video was not advocacy for or against same sex marriage. If a company does take a stand on a political issue, then yes it may face a backlash.

But the video was showing two MPs debating their opposing views on the issue. The whole point was to say we should be able to discuss issues we disagree on, over a beer. It was a video in favour of civil discussion.

And the response from the social warrior fascists is to boycott the company that was promoting civil discussion. Thus proving the original point.

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