D’Amato dies

Stuff reports:

The subject of , and Dylan Reeve’s 2016 documentary about “competitive endurance tickling”, has died aged 55, according to a post on Farrier’s Facebook page.

David P D’Amato was alleged, by Farrier, to have been involved in the production of online videos featuring tickling, as well as some allegedly shady practices around hiring and pressuring of participants in the videos. 

“We are incredibly sad to learn that David P D’Amato, the subject of Tickled, has passed away,” a joint statement in Farrier and Reeve’s names said.  …

Farrier’s statement concluded: “While making Tickled we always thought it was important to portray David D’Amato not just as an online bully, but as a person… Ultimately we’ll never know all the things that made David the man he was. Like all of us, he was complex and complicated.”

Reading between the lines, it looks like D’Amato may have killed himself, which is very sad – especially for his family and friends.

But D’Amato was a man who had done terrible things to many people, and his death does also mean that their harassment will now cease.

Still a sad way for this to end.

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