Why ban Destiny?

Stuff reports:

Serco has banned Brian Tamaki’s son-in-law from offering a outreach programme at its South Auckland prison.

The surprise move has upset former inmates who benefited from the programme, and prompted a case manager at Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility to resign in protest. …

Warren is the national director of Man Up, a Destiny programme which is focused on empowering men to be better fathers and partners.

He is married to Jamie Warren, daughter of Destiny leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki.

Former inmate Billy Baggs was released from prison in November and said working with Man Up while behind bars helped him break the cycle of drugs, violence and gangs he had been stuck in for most of his life.

“It’s had a good effect on me and my whole family,” he said.

“Even my siblings and old associates are looking at Man Up now, because of the changes that I’ve made.”

I am no fan of the Destiny Church but I recognise they do so good works in their communities, and if their prison programme is beneficial to some inmates, it should be continued.

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