A values test

Stuff reports:

Would-be Australians will face tough new hurdles – including a new English language and “Australian values” test – and have to wait several more years before being eligible for , under a major shake-up of the migration programme.

Migrants could be asked whether they support female genital mutilation and forced marriages, or whether it’s acceptable to strike a spouse at home, under proposed values-based citizenship test questions to be put to the public for feedback.

Applicants will also have to demonstrate they have attempted to integrate into Australian society, providing evidence of a job, the enrolment of their children in school, and even membership of community organisations.

An excellent idea. We should do that here.

In NZ there is little incentive to become a citizen as permanent residents have almost all the rights of citizens. I would place a value and premium on citizenship by only having citizens eligible to vote (but grandfathering in all permanent residents as of the date the change is made).

Becoming a citizen should be more than just saying this is the place I want to reside in. It should be about saying “I wish to be a New Zealander”.

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