Newshub reports:

Green MP has shared an “incredibly insensitive” email she received from a member of the public.

The email, posted to Facebook, appeared to blame Ms Genter’s tragic miscarriages on in the water supply.

“I read in the paper a little while ago that you had two miscarriages,” it reads. “Therefore I thought I would send you this information on fluoride. People don’t realise how toxic fluoride is, even at low levels.

“I presume that is because the dentists will be extremely embarrassed if it is found that they are wrong.”

This is just awful. How could the person who sent this think it was anything except appalling. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Julie Anne has taken this far better than I would in her situation. I’d want to do physical damage to someone who sent an e-mail like that to me or my partner, if we had suffered a miscarriage.

UPDATE: Michelle Dickinson has a wonderful response on her blog.

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