Livingstone not expelled

The Telegraph reports:

David Miliband has said he “grieves” for Labour as Jeremy Corbyn faces a mutiny over the party’s failure to expel Ken Livingstone over his remarks about 
Hitler and Zionism.

The former Labour leadership contender said he never would have “believed the day” when when anti-semitism and Labour “were being discussed in the same sentence.”

His comments came as the Jewish Labour peer Lord Levy revealed he is considering his membership of the party. 

Mr Livingstone refused to apologise 
last night after a disciplinary panel found him guilty of bringing the party into disrepute – but failed to expel him, 
instead ruling he will be suspended from holding office for a year.

Jewish Labour members and MPs have rounded on Mr Corbyn for failing to push for a stricter punishment.

Lord Levy BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I’m very upset with the party’s attitude, I do not believe there has been a zero tolerance policy towards anti-Semitism.

If they had zero tolerance towards anti-semitism they’d have to expel their own leader probably!

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