Tyre slasher gets 22 months

Stuff reports:

A tyre-slashing vigilante who took a screwdriver to more than 100 cars in a bid to stop people parking for free near Wellington Airport says he is proud of what he did.

“I had an effect when no-one else did,” David Francis Johns told the psychologist charged with evaluating his state of mind for the court ahead of his sentencing on Wednesday.

His actions earned him a 22-month jail sentence.

Normally I’d say a jail sentence is too harsh for tyre-slashing, but as you read on:

Johns told the report writer it was the freeloaders he could not stand, and did not like his suburb being used as a car park.

Even when told that a number of the cars whose tyres he slashed did not belong to people using the airport, his response was that they should not have parked there if they knew there was a slasher about.

So no empathy or remorse at all – he says he is proud of what he did and would do it again. Jail may be the only way to give him the incentive to stop.


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