Palmer proposes compulsory voting

The Herald reports:

New Zealand should adopt Australian rules and make it illegal not to vote, former Prime Minister Sir says.

Palmer, who ran the country as head of the Labour Party from 1989 to 1990, told Radio NZ’s Guyon Espiner that voter apathy had led to Trumpery and Brexit.

“Democratic government around the western world is in some sort of crisis,” Palmer said in the hour-long interview, which is part of new RNZ series The 9th Floor.

“Look at the level of voting in the 2016 New Zealand municipal elections – hardly anyone votes. And yet we’ve got a supercity in Auckland with enormous powers – why would they not vote?

“It’s quite hard to understand. Are they turned off by it? Do they think it doesn’t matter?”

Voting in both local government and parliamentary elections should be enforced, Palmer said.

I disagree. We want more people to vote but you want voters who are informed voters, rather than voters who are voting just to avoid a fine.

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