Actually there is plenty of land in Wellington

Stuff reports:

needs to grow up if it wants to solve its housing crisis, a report says.

At the heart of the problem is the lack of supply, and one way to solve it is raising height limits in the suburbs to match those in the city centre.

The advice comes from a recent Housing Forum, at which 70 stakeholders from the housing sector, community organisations and politicians came up with solutions to problems identified by the Mayor’s Housing Task Force. …

Wellington engineer and developer Maurice Clark said the only way was up. “We have got to build up. There is so little land, we can’t spread out.”

Actually there is a lot of land available in Wellington.

One of the “benefits” of having a six month old child is you spend a lot of time driving around your city trying to get him to sleep. I’ve driven almost every long road there is in Wellington and what has struck me is how much land is still available for housing in areas such as South Karori, Brooklyn, Johnsonville, Newlands etc.

I’m not against building up also, where appropriate. But it is simply wrong to say there is no land available.

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