Another white male bites the dust!

Radio NZ reports:

Being a “white, middle-class male” meant Rohan Lord had no future in the Labour Party, the former East Coast Bays candidate says.

Mr Lord withdrew from the race yesterday, after being placed 72 on the party list.

He told Morning Report he was very appreciative Labour considered him and he fully supported the party’s platform and policy, but the message he got from his 72nd placement was that he was probably not for them.

No 42 probably won’t get in, let alone no 72!

“I’m white, middle class, male, I couldn’t really see a long term future.”

The likely Labour caucus will have just 49% of their caucus European and 45% Maori and Pasifika. Their respective shares of the adult population are 69% and 19% so Mr Lord is unlikely to indeed have a long-term future.

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