Brash vs Gould

Have been amused by the columns in the NZ Herald where has continued to insist banks can just create money out of thin air and that doesn’t understand banking.

Brash’s latest response is here.

What amuses me is that Gould has probably never had anything to do with banking except operate a cheque account. He is (like Brash) a former politician, and has been unkindly referred to as UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn of the 1990s.

What is Brash’s background in terms of banking. Well as far as I can tell it is:

  • Economist, World Bank
  • CEO, Broadbank
  • CEO, Trustbank
  • Governor, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Director, ANZ Bank
  • Director, Westpac Merchant Finance
  • Professor of Banking, AUT
  • Chairman, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

I hope Gould responds to Brash again. It is great sport.

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