I guess they thought the Berlin Wall coming down was bad also

News.com.au reports on what would happen if the Kim regime in ended:

The first consequence would be that the Kims and all those connected with the ruling Workers’ Party of would have to flee compatriots angry at years of human rights violations and public executions.

How terrible.

So what will Kim Jong-un’s people do without their supreme leader? With a lack of money, food and shelter if the regime collapses, they too may seek refuge in China, Russia and , but those countries will not necessarily be open to an influx of North Korean refugees.

Well for a start they’ll be free. They are basically slaves at the moment.

The most likely conclusion would be the reunification of Korea, according to Dr Petrov, but this may mean deep economic and social problems.

“The South Korean economy is reaching crisis,” he said. “It needs to urgently access cheap resource and labour.

“South Korea might use the opportunity to exploit North Koreans who have less education or experience in enterprise.

Oh God. The author says North Koreans might be exploited in a unified Korea. Ignoring they are slaves with no rights at the moment.

I can only imagine a similar article in the late 80s about how awful reunification of Germany would have been for the East Germans. Is there a single German alive who wants to live in old East Germany as it was under communist rule? I doubt it. Likewise once the Kim regime dies, there will not be a single North Korean wanting to live in what is a slave regime.

It will take at least a decade before the level of prosperity will be equalised between North and South. During that 10 years, the reunification going to be very expensive, $3 trillion or more. There’s going to be definite social tension between South Koreans and North Koreans.

As there is between former East and West Germans to some degree. But that doesn’t mean their lives won’t still be infinitely better off than under the Kim regime. And the cost of reunification will be worth every cent for the families who have been divided.

Overall a pretty appalling article that only looks at the negatives of reunification and none of the massive positives.

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