Shaw jumps the shark and Godwins himself

The Herald reports:

Labour leader Andrew Little has slapped down Green Party co-leader ’s comparison of US President to , saying the first person to bring Hitler into an argument had lost it.

Shaw said Trump was “the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler” on TV show Backbenches on Wednesday night as part of a panel of politicians.

Little said people needed to keep things in perspective and have a little faith in the US system.

“Pretty much I follow the principle that the first person to raise Hitler in a political argument loses it.

When Andrew Little slaps you down for being a hysterical leftie, that’s a good sign of how bad you are.

Shaw comes across as a moron (he isn’t but his statement is moronic) with his assertion. To date Trump has done nothing on foreign policy except stop chemical weapon attacks in Syria, and domestically sack an FBI Director. I think Trump’s personality and psychology makes him a bad choice for President, but there is a million miles between thinking that and Hitler comparisons.

Does Shaw think Trump is more dangerous than Mao who killed 40 million people? Than Pol Pot who killed 2 million? Than Stalin who killed millions and almost started another global war.

It’s ridiculous to even talk of him in the same breath and it is insulting to the six million who were slaughtered by Hitler due to their race or religion.

Shaw should apologise.

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