The full new BPS targets

One of the better things this Government has done is to set targets for actual outcomes, rather than merely inputs (how much you spend) or outputs (what you purchase with it). My hoep is other major political parties will publish what their targets or outcomes would be if they get to form Government, so they can be measured against it. That means a meaningful measure such as “Median house price is no more than seven times median income” not just an output “Build 100,000 more houses”.

Anyway the original BPS targets were from 2012 to 2017, so new and revised ones from 2017 on are:

  1. 25% reduction of the number of people receiving main benefits by June 2018
  2. 90% of pregnant women are registering with a Lead Maternity Carer in the first trimester by 2021
  3. 25% reduction in the rate of hospitalisations of children for preventable conditions by 2021
  4. 20% reduction in the number of children experiencing a substantiated incidence of physical or sexual abuse by 2021
  5. 80% of year 8 students are achieving at or above the National Standard in writing and maths by 2021
  6. 60% of 25–34 year olds will have a qualification at Level 4 or above by 2018
  7. reduce the number of serious crimes by 10,000 by 2021
  8. 20% reduction in the median time to house for priority A clients on the social housing register by 2021
  9. business costs from dealing with government will reduce by 25% by 2021
  10. 80% of the twenty most common transactions will be completed digitally by 2021

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