A law lecturer who is a 9/11 truther

Amy Baker Benjamin is a law lecturer at AUT. She also recently appeared on The Project. Her resume includes this article:

Benjamin, A., 9/11 As False Flag:  Why International Law Must Dare to Care, African J. Int’l & Comp. L. (forthcoming July-Aug. 2017)

I’ve been sent a link to what appears to be her paper, which is proudly cited by AUT. Some extracts:

Despite the impressive and serious body of literature that has emerged to suggest that 9/11 was a classic (if unprecedentedly monstrous) false-flag attack, international statesmen, following the lead of scholars, have acted as if there is no controversy whatsoever.

Will AUT also be publishing papers on how the moon landings were faked?

In the days and weeks following 9/11, the U.N. accepted without hesitation or scrutiny the American claim to have been attacked by elements of international terrorism.

I suspect most of them saw the “claims” fly into the Twin Towers.

Moreover, despite the impressive body of serious literature that has emerged since 9/11 challenging the official version of the attacks and strongly suggesting that they were either perpetrated by elements of the U.S. Government or allowed by them to happen

This is vile stuff, masquerading as well something to do with the law.

I demand we also investigate how the US Government perpetrated Pearl Harbour.

Scholars as a group scurry away from the controversy surrounding the official version of 9/11 as if it were the intellectual equivalent of kryptonite.

Reputable scholars scurry away from it because it is as reputable as denying the Holocaust happened.

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