Garner says send euthanasia bill to a select committee

Stuff reports:

So I urge at least 61 of our MPs to send this bill to a select committee for further investigation and consideration. That’s the majority it needs.

Seymour is confident he has the numbers. And certainly recent polls on the issue suggest 70 per cent of Kiwis support voluntary euthanasia.

Let’s call in the experts and lobby groups and genuinely hear from them in front of a select committee.

MPs must vote this through in the first instance. We have time to make good law and have a mature debate.

I think it would be disrespectful to not even send it to a select committee. That is where people can have their say and also debate the specifics of the proposed law and whether the safeguards are adequate.

I would quite understand that some MPs would vote against after it comes out of select committee if they feel the safeguards are not adequate. But to not even have the select committee process and debate would be wrong.

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