Greens want less migrants but more refugees

Stuff reports:

New Zealand can handle up to 5000 refugees a year, says the Green Party, which has announced a policy to double the quota twice over.

They would then set the goal of doubling that to 4000 within six years. A new visa category would also allow for up to 100 climate change refugees, primarily from the Pacific, to be allowed to migrate to New Zealand. 

There is no such thing as a climate change refugee. There will be one day, but not for some decades as current sea level growth is 3 mm a year.

It was expected to cost an additional $66m in 2018, rising to $350m once the quota had reached 4000 places. 

So the Greens want to spend $350 million a year to take in more refugees while at the exact same time they are arguing we need to take in fewer migrants who actually have jobs to go to.

It’s one thing to argue we should have more migrants and more refugees. But the Greens are arguing for more refugees and fewer migrants. .

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