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A father who became upset at his 5-year-old son’s behaviour during prayer time made the boy get a hammer and kneel on a sheet so he could be executed.

The offending by Hastings man Kiimatangiroa​ Junior Samuel, 41, was described by Judge Max Courtney as “the cruellest set of facts I have ever come across”.

Before making his weeping son kneel and close his eyes, Samuel told his other children, aged 7, 9 and 10, to fetch sheets as he didn’t want blood to get on the floor.

This man should not have children. What sort of sick fuck would do that?

The incident, which ended with Samuel laughing at his terrified son, occurred in his Hastings house on February 26, after he and his children had returned from prayers at the Hastings mosque.

Samuel told police he had become upset because his son had been running around the mosque during his prayer time.

He said he had no intention of carrying out the threat and had only threatened to execute his son to get him to be more honest.

Yes threatening to execute your children is an excellent way to get them to be more honest.

The judge said he agreed with the probation officer’s report that said Samuel had attempted to minimise the offending. 

He was also concerned at Samuel’s insinuation that physical discipline was part of his culture.

“It’s quite clear that in New Zealand, whatever anyone’s culture is, it is totally inappropriate and it is clearly illegal… Quite frankly I do not believe any culture would condone the type of behaviour you have committed against your children,” the judge said.

The judge noted Samuel had several previous convictions including two for assault and two for breaches of protection orders. …

Samuel was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.


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