Mike Hosking says Little will not be rolled

Mike Hosking writes:

Under party rules, three months before an election the caucus can roll the leader without going through the drama they have to the rest of the time.

Namely giving votes to party members and unions.

We have seen this before of course, the famed “Mike Moore” solution in 1990 that almost worked, and in so many respects it’s a shame it didn’t, because he remains one of my favourite politicians of all time, and given the chance I have no doubt he would have been a brilliant Prime Minister.

Andrew Little in many respects doesn’t deserve to get rolled, he by and large has got the factionalism under control, he is the best of the crop, and I include the much-hyped Jacinda Ardern who will undoubtedly one day lead them, but if you’re looking for a game changer 90 days out, she, let me tell you, is no Mike Moore.

Not in stature, gravitas, experience or kudos.

Besides I am sure she is way too smart to want to catch that particular hospital pass, when she will get three clear years heading towards 2020 if things go pear shaped this time round.

Sp Hosking thinks Little will stay leader this side of the election, but Ardern will take over after the election.

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