NZ wins the Americas Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand have done it and won the America’s Cup off Oracle Team USA.

This feels more special than when we won it the first time, as Oracle had all but rigged the competition to favour them. I genuinely thought it was unwinnable but Peter Burling and the entire team really were magnificent.

Burling is only 26 years old. Boy does he have a bright future ahead of him.

The outcome of the nine races were:

  1. NZ wins by 30 seconds
  2. NZ wins by 88 seconds
  3. NZ wins by 49 seconds
  4. NZ wins by 72 seconds
  5. NZ wins by 124 seconds
  6. US wins by 11 seconds
  7. NZ wins by 12 seconds
  8. NZ wins by 30 seconds
  9. NZ wins by 55 seconds

Can’t wait for the victory parades!

Also looking forward to Team NZ changing the rules so it is a fairer competition. Yes we still managed to win, but when we defend the Cup I’d like many more challengers.

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