RIP Adam West

Stuff reports:

It takes an actor of a certain stature to stand head to toe in Lycra, taking seriously the menace posed by a loose menagerie of ham-acting co-stars dressed as a penguin, a cat, a man with question marks on his underpants and another with an egg for a head.

And yet , lovingly remembered by a generation as – despite many more dramatic and arguably more authentic interpretations – was that actor: fabulously grand, a whisker from absurd and still, somehow, wholly relatable.

Today, pop culture’s pantheon of living gods, has lost its Zeus: Adam West, 88, has died after a short battle with leukemia.

The Batman TV series was so corny and goofy but it was great fun.

There was a great suggestion on Twitter. They remarked how when a former US President dies, all the other Presidents attend his funeral. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the actors who have played Batman attend West’s funeral!

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