Terror strikes again in London

Another terrible attack in London with an attacker plowing a van into a crowd.

The attack was outside the Muslim Welfare House, and many of those hit were Muslim, it seems.

One attacker appears to have been captured, which is good. There may have been two others.

Not yet known what the motivations were. One report has that an attacker said “‘I’m going to kill all Muslims” which would make it a misguided “revenge” attack which is exactly what the other terrorists want – religious war.

It could be that it was an Islamist who was upset with the local Finsbury Park Mosque for trying to purge the mosque of extremists. Until the captured attacker talks, we won’t know.

I wish there was a simple solution as to how to stop people plowing vans into pedestrians.  You can restrict guns, search for knives, have inspections on planes etc to minimise the chances of other forms of attacks. But so long as you don’t care about being caught or killed, then any idiot can hire a van and drive it into a crowd.

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