Another money grows on trees policy

The parties of the left have gone mad in the last few weeks with them announcing over $10 billion of spending programmes between them. They seem to be in a race to bankrupt New Zealand.

The latest is TOP promising $200 a week to every person aged from 18 to 23. So they think an 18 year old shouldn’t be allowed in the pub but should be given $200 a week regardless.

The policy would cost $3.39 billion per year but TOP say they could find this money by cancelling National’s tax cuts, savings on student allowances, and with money from the Budget surplus.

That $3.4 billion for just one policy. No way you get that from the modest tax cuts or current student allowances.

“As soon as [Joyce] said he was going to give himself and myself a tax cut I thought ‘Ha, I’ve found some money!'”, Morgan said.

The tax cut is $20 a week for wealthy NZers. That doesn’t fund $200 a week for every young adult.

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