Black Hands

Black Hands is a 10 part podcast from Stuff on the Bain murders. I’m not sure when I’ll get the time but I plan to listen to all 10 parts.

Of interest in this first part is that the Police originally thought it was murder-suicide. They said it was often the father in situations like this. It was only as they went through the evidence that they then suspected David.

If you comment on this, please follow two rules:

  1. You can offer an opinion as to whether it is more likely David did it or Robin did it. But you can’t refer to David as a murderer as that is a legal term and he has been found not guilty beyond reasonable doubt
  2. Don’t cast any aspersions on Joe Karam. This is about David or Robin, not Joe Karam. Karam has a passionate belief that David was innocent and won a large number of court victories for him. You might disagree with him on David’s innocence, but don’t suggest any improper motives.

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