Most places are within 1 km of a school

The Herald reports:

An offender with more than 110 convictions for sex with underage girls, indecent sex acts, fraud, theft and assault was recently paroled to a suburban Whangarei address.

The unit Darren Albert Jolly was allowed to move to was within a kilometre from a children’s health camp, a daycare centre, two primary schools and a high school.

This sounds shocking but most urban residences will be within a km of schools or ECE centres. I’d estimate we live within a km of five schools and ECE centres. It would be near impossible not to be within a km of an ECE centre in a city.

Jolly (aged 52) is flagged as a high-risk sex offender with 12 standard and 13 special prison release conditions that ban him from computers and going near schools, parks and playgrounds.


He is known to have breached those conditions 20 times.

The issue then I would have thought is why is he on parole at all?

One of his more recent breach of ESO conditions, in 2015 in Dunedin, involved the use of a smartphone, with police observing him using it for an hour in a Wi-Fi area.

Other breaches include him cutting off his monitoring device and leaving the paroled address.

So shouldn’t he be recalled if he keeps breaching?

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