TOP tried to poach Genter

Stuff reports:

Senior Green MP  says she has rebuffed an approach by Gareth Morgan’s (TOP) to jump ship.

But the fledgling party denies any “formal” approach was made.

Genter said she had rejected the proposal, made about a month ago after her bill to legalise medicinal cannabis was drawn from the ballot.

She would not disclose who made contact on Facebook, but said it was not Morgan or TOP deputy leader Geoff Simmons.

“I got a message from one of their senior people, a Facebook message, asking if I could talk. This was about four weeks ago the day my bill got pulled from the ballot so I thought it was about that.”

She had supplied her phone number and he called and said, “Do you want to come over and join us.”

“And I said ‘you can’t be serious’ – no I think I said ‘you’re not serious’ and then he said ‘I’m dead serious Julie Anne’.”

TOPs was seeking a candidate for Auckland Central and he said she was a great performance and “evidence based” so right up TOP’s alley.

No wonder the Greens are so anti TOP. It is one thing to try and steal their votes, but another to try and steal their MPs!

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