Another day another bottom line

The Herald reports:

Winston Peters is set to give a “cast iron commitment” to move container operations from the if his party is in a position of influence after the election.

The New Zealand First leader wants the relocation completed by the end of 2027 – opening up 77-hectares of prime waterfront land for public use and the development of a new cruise ship terminal.

His plan would stop vehicle deliveries by the end of 2019 and free up Captain Cook Wharf ahead of the America’s Cup.

A cast iron commitment sounds like a bottom line to me, so that must be his 20th or so bottom line.

In the Finance debate on Wednesday night David Seymour had the best line of the debate quipping that Winston has more bottom lines than a 100 year old elephant.

I actually support Ports of Auckland moving from its current location. But this is a decision for the Auckland Council (the owner), not central Government.

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