The socialist paradise gets better

The Washington Post reports:

In a nation where malnutrition is soaring amid shortages of food and medicine, the nearly worthless currency, the bolívar, has entered free fall. The Venezuelan currency lost 45.3 percent of its value in one week, as the price of the dollar on the black market nearly doubled.

In a supermarket in eastern Caracas, shoppers expressed sticker shock.

“I came a week ago and saw rice for 5,700 boliívares,” said Gina Angelats, a 62-year-old retiree. “I didn’t buy it because it seemed too expensive. But now it’s 18,000! This is unaffordable. . . . Blame the government and its socialist policies. They’ve ruined the country.”

Those who hate the most are those who have experienced it. Those who love it the most travel around the world celebrating it, but never going to a country that practises it.

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