Campaign Countdown – 2 days to go

South Auckland suffering from severe housing stress, mental health services at a breaking point.

We are prepared to cap interest rates to protect consumers.

“Voters have a clear choice” etc etc “economic experience” etc etc.

If Labour want to repeal the already legislated for tax bracket shifts, they are effectively raising income taxes.

Our swimability targets will be half the E.Coli levels of National, and we’ll do it by 2030, not 2040.

Minor parties are struggling in this Ardern/English focused campaign.

We are also struggling as a result of the Ardern/English show – so we dropped off $1 billion of Seymour cash to NZEI to highlight our teacher’s policy.

“Jesus, [Labour voters] cannot be this thick.” (Desperation?)

Yes, we still exist. We think list MPs who don’t form part of the Government shouldn’t be in Parliament.

Colmar Brunton due tonight 6pm.

Attention still heavily on the fuel crisis … Tonight’s final leaders debate may change this.

Latest update as of 9am Monday:

National Party $8.3b; Labour Party $23.0b; Green Party $14.9b; NZ First $27.5b; Maori Party $12.2b; ACT -$2.4b; TOP $13.7b. Full details here.

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