Campaign Countdown – 8 days to go

No one will be affected by any tax changes arising from the outcomes of the Working Group until 2021 (just don’t mention the water, regional fuel or carbon taxes!).

Sources (unnamed) suggest National is considering a secret fuel tax to fund its controversial Roads of National Significance (RONS) programme.

On Labour: two taxes down, five to go.A re-elected National Government will strengthen biosecurity rules, toughen penalties for stock rustling and help exporters add value.

National Government will help young families into their first farms by allowing young farmers to buy state owned farms after they’ve worked the land for five to ten years.

Labour are terrified of their official position on charter schools. It’s not what their MPs really believe – it’s the teacher unions’ position, pushed by Hipkins as their primary parliamentary shill.

Today’s performance by Grant Robertson isn’t just incompetent, it’s dishonest. The backdown is a smokescreen – Robertson wants the headlines to read ‘no new taxes’, when Labour’s policy is still to bleed New Zealanders dry with a water tax, higher income tax, regional fuel tax, and more.

There must be proof Dr Yang is not a risk. National must act now and a full inquiry is required.  Meanwhile, Dr Yang must step aside.

Winston Peters should not be held to what is on the NZ First website [Radio NZ interview].

We will build teacher capacity and through a staggered approach implement universal te reo Māori learning for all students from Year 1 to Year 10 over a period of 10 years.

No Iron Lady: turns out Jacinda is for turning!

One News Colmar Brunton poll out at 6pm.

*Update* Labour (44%) and Greens (7%) can form a Government. NZF (6%) no longer kingmaker. National up one to 40%.

Latest update as of 9am Tuesday:

National Party $8.17b; Labour Party $22.91b; Green Party $13.28b; NZ First $27.53b; Maori Party $12.17b; ACT -$2.43b; TOP $13.69b. Full details here.

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