Ardern blames fuel companies

The Herald reports:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has launched a scathing attack on fuel companies, telling reporters she thinks “consumers are being fleeced” at the petrol pump.

“I am hugely disappointed in the level of price that consumers are currently paying at the pump for fuel,” she said at her weekly post-cabinet press conference today.

National Leader Simon Bridges has been critical of the Government and its fuel taxes which he said is pushing the price of petrol up.

“Unlike petrol, talk is cheap. And the Government is a big part of the reason why are so high.”

Petrol prices are creeping up to $2.50 in some parts of the county.

Ardern came out swinging, pointing the finger at fuel importers – such as Z Energy, BP, Mobil and Gull – and their margins.

Margins have increased, but so have taxes. And taxes are under the control of the Government.

Here’s the various taxes the Government imposes:

  • National Land Transport Fund 63.02c
  • GST 32.61c (on a $2.50 retail price)
  • Regional Fuel Tax (in Auckland) 10.0c
  • ACC Levy 6.0c
  • Local Authorities Fuel Tax 0.66c
  • Engine Fuel Monitoring Levy 0.3c

That is a total of 112.6 cents on every litre (in Auckland) going to the Government in direct taxes.

And even worse the Government is going to spend less of it on actual roads.

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