Jobs created

A reminder of how extraordinary the job growth in New Zealand has been in recent years.

If we look at just the last three calendar years of National and Labour we see:

And this is not just exceptional job growth locally, but internationally. Here’s the percentage increase in in major OECD countries in 2016:

  1. NZ 5.7%
  2. Germany 2.9%
  3. Ireland 2.9%
  4. US 1.8%
  5. OECD 1.6%
  6. Australia 1.6%
  7. Sweden 1.5%
  8. UK 1.4%
  9. Canada 0.7%
  10. France 0.6%
  11. Finland 0.5%


Again policies impact jobs. Labour want working people to pay more in tax, have employers forced into national awards etc. If you value jobs, then you’re not going to do much better than this.

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