National will let young farmers buy Landcorp farms

Stuff reports:

National will direct Landcorp to offer farms to young farmers because “there is no clear public good coming from Crown ownership and little financial return to taxpayers”.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy said the young farmers would have to “work the land” for five to 10 years, after which they could lease the farms before buying them.

It was envisaged about 100 young farming families would benefit from the programme.

A great policy. It is nuts that a Government company owns over 100 farms up and down New Zealand.

“Not all of Landcorp’s around 140 farms will be sold. Many are subject to Treaty claims and others have a right-of-first-refusal for Iwi – and these rights will of course be respected. Some of Landcorp’s larger farms will be divided into smaller units more appropriate for first-time owners,” Guy said.

Federated Farmers president Katie Milne said it was an “exciting prospect” for young farmers.

Yep great to be creating opportunities for young farmers, rather than trying to tax them to death.

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