Campaign Countdown – 7 days to go

Labour will make Te Reo part of all students’ learning in school up until high school.

‘Will not rule out’ fiscal neutrality for any new taxes introduced – Robertson.

Big push for Bishop in Hutt South. $72m to upgrade the motorway intersection at Melling.

Labour still promising more taxes (view tax ad 2.0 here).

Polls are still crap.

Last night’s poll means a truly progressive government is within reach.

We will bolster public transport in Christchurch, and make it a cycle-friendly city.

Under Act victims of crime will get reparation paid immediately and in full, with the cost recouped from criminals by docking their pay or even selling their property.

Last nights’ Colmar Brunton: Labour (44%) and Greens (7%) can form a Government. NZF (6%) no longer kingmaker. National up one to 40%.

RNZ poll of the two main polls: Labour (41.6%) and National (41.9%) neck and neck. NZF 6.8%; Greens 5.5%. Neither Labour or National could form a government with NZF alone.

The flip-flopping of the two main television polls. Also, the confirmation that Murray McCully misled the public and Parliament on Saudi Sheep legal advice.

Latest update as of 9am Tuesday:

National Party $8.17b; Labour Party $22.91b; Green Party $13.28b; NZ First $27.53b; Maori Party $12.17b; ACT -$2.43b; TOP $13.69b. Full details here.

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