So much for the tuckshop food bans

The Herald reports:

Biggest secondary girls school in country considering ban on UberEats

One of the country’s largest state schools is considering a ban on fastfood being delivered to the school grounds for safety reasons.

In a recent newsletter Westlake Girls High School principal Jane Stanley told parents and pupils the number of delivery drivers frequenting the Takapuna, North Shore school’s grounds was becoming a concern, and asked pupils to “refrain” from making orders.

That included UberEats and pizza deliveries.

Speaking to the Herald on Sunday, Stanley said a ban on foods being delivered hadn’t been formalised, but was being considered in consultation with the school community.


“Look, we haven’t implemented a ban. We are certainly concerned at the safety situation with people coming into the school of course,” she said.

She couldn’t say how regularly students were having delivered, but said it was a noticeable number.

The main issue with the deliveries was security, rather than health concerns. The school, with 2214 pupils, has an on-site canteen.

This is quite funny. The wowsers insist that only food on the approved list can be sold in school tuckshops, so what do the pupils do. They get Uber to deliver the food they actually want to eat, to their school.

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