The best satire is truth


In an effort to help reassure voters about its tax plans, Labour has introduced a new on its website that will help to clarify what New Zealanders will pay if it wins the election on September 23rd.

The calculator lets you put in your income and assets, or those of your whole family, if you wish. You then click a button labelled “calculate”, which will form a working group that will deliberate for two years on what you should pay.

would be even funnier if it wasn't true!

Vote Labour and in two years you may find out that your parents home gets whacked with a 33% death tax when they die.

Or you may find out that the family farm has a huge tax bill when it gets divided up between .

Or Labour may go for a land tax and everyone will be taxed on the value of their land.

The only certanity is that Labour won't be reducing any existing taxes to compensate for their new taxes.

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