TOP targeting Ohariu

Newshub reports:

Gareth Morgan thinks he can make it into Parliament without reaching the 5 percent threshold needed – as he is set to launch an all-out bid for Ōhāriu.

Newshub understands (TOP) will be asking voters in the electorate to ditch the two main parties’ candidates in favour of their candidate, Jessica Hammond-Doube, in order for Ōhāriu to get a three-for-one deal.

On current polling Labour’s Greg O’Connor and National’s Brett Hudson both make it into Parliament as list MPs, so TOP will be asking them to vote for Ms Hammond-Doube in order to get maximum representation for the electorate in Parliament.

The move would allow Dr Morgan to potentially coattail his way into Parliament.

If TOP was to gain an electorate seat, and managed to get 2 percent of the vote as current polling suggests, Dr Morgan and deputy leader Geoff Simmons would be brought into Parliament as list MPs.

It is a strategic move to dethrone NZ First leader Winston Peters as king-maker, and it’s understood TOP will even go as far as asking National and Labour to stand their candidates aside in Ōhāriu to make the move more likely to pay off.

It’s too late to stand candidates aside, even if a party wanted to.

But this will make an interesting seat to watch.

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