Morgan to become Shadow Leader

Stuff reports:

(TOP) is facing a mass exodus as leader  and three others step down.

TOP would still contest the 2020 election, but Morgan will not be at the helm.

Morgan is stepping down as the formal leader, but as far as I can tell it will remain his party. He will decide the policy, and will fund the party. It will be like the Internet Party where Laila Harre was the nominal leader but it was still Dotcom’s party.

The same day Morgan announced his resignation as leader, deputy leader Geoff Simmons also stepped down, along with Ōhāriu candidate Jessica Hammond-Doube and Waitaki candidate Kevin Neill.

Hammond-Doube did well in Ohariu and was well regarded.

Neill called the party a “dictatorship”, run by Morgan, and said he could not work in a party that did not have open, transparent discussions.

Fair enough.

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