Another Goff failure

The Herald reports:

Auckland Council’s salary scandal has widened with fresh revelations executive pay at one council body blew out by 89 per cent in two years when wage inflation is running below 2 per cent a year.

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development () has defended the increase in executive salaries from $1.096m to $2.07m between the 2015 and 2017 financial years.

An Ateed spokesman said two new general manager roles largely account for the increase in salaries between 2015 and 2017. Another reason was “staff at Ateed moving through salary bands over time”.

They must be pretty huge salary bands!

The salary revelations are becoming a huge issue for Mayor , who vowed to cut fat at council when elected a year ago.

Last night, Goff declined to comment on the 89 per cent executive pay rise at Ateed and framed his concerns in general terms.

You’re the effing Mayor. Stop passing the buck.

The changes in executive salaries over two years has been:

  1. ATEED +89%
  2. Auckland Council +25%
  3. Auckland Transport +22%
  4. ACIL -7.5%
  5. Regional Facilities -17%
  6. Watercare -20%

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