It’s Labour

Winston Peters has just announced NZ First has chosen Labour to form a Government.

I’m slightly sad and very relieved! A 4th term National Government in coalition with NZ First had the potential to really damage National.

National goes into opposition as strong as a party can be – they had over a million New Zealanders vote for them and only need to pick up 3% or so to gain a majority in 2020.

The first ever Coalition of the losers will have a honeymoon, but the question is how long will it last for.

Thoughts are with the MPs and staff who get impacted by this decision. A transition from Government to Opposition is never easy.

UPDATE: Winston spent some of his time saying that the economy is likely to crash in the next three years, and don’t blame the Government he has picked if that happens. He is dreaming if he thinks that won’t happen.

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