Oh no kids see alcohol in supermarkets

Stuff reports:

New Zealand children are being exposed to alcohol every nearly every time they go to the supermarket, sparking a call from from researchers to have it banned from such stores. 

Health researchers want alcohol banned from supermarkets after their study revealed 85 per cent of children were exposed to it in Wellington supermarkets.

The study’s lead researcher from Otago University’s Department of Public Health, Tim Chambers, said the over-exposure of alcohol to children put it on par with everyday products such as bread and milk, causing children to drink it earlier in their lifetime. 

It would be Otago University of course!

So because your kid sees alcohol in a supermarket they will treat it like milk and start drinking it earlier.

He said the study proved previous changes in alcohol advertising laws were not enough and the Government needed to ban it from supermarkets to protect children.

Far better to ban children from supermarkets!

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