Winston won’t even reveal who is on his board

Winston Peters released:

New Zealand First values our board members’ privacy, says New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“They are not politicians but New Zealanders who believe in the party and wish to make a contribution to the decision-making process.

“They give up their valuable spare time to take part in board meetings and attend to other matters, and we are grateful for that.

“By putting their name forward to serve on the board they do not expect to have their privacy invaded and to become public figures. This privacy extends to all party members.

This is a reminder of the chaos to come with whichever party is unlucky enough to get chosen by Winston.

The board of a party is its supreme governing body. It is the equivalent to the officers of an incorporated society or directors of a company. These are all positions that are automatically public.

No other political party hides the identity of its board members.  Most even have them on their website.

According to Winston his board will decide who will be the next Government, yet he thinks there is no need for knowing who they are.

Again this is the chaos and stupidity to come.  And he has form for this. He refused in 2014 to confirm the employer of one of his candidates (Mahesh Bindra). So his veil of secrecy extends to both candidates and his board.

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