Quebec bans facial coverings in public

The Guardian reports:

The Canadian province of Quebec has passed a sweeping ban on face coverings – barring public workers from wearing the niqab or and obliging citizens to unveil when riding public transit or receiving government services – ushering in a law believed to be the first of its kind in North America.

The legislation was adopted on Wednesday, capping off two years of work by the province’s Liberal government to address the issue of state neutrality. The resulting law has been slammed by critics who say it deliberately targets Muslim women and will fuel the province’s simmering debate on identity, religion and tolerance. …

The Liberal government has long argued the legislation – which does not specifically mention the niqab or burqa – addresses public safety, noting that it would also apply to masked protesters.

“We are not legislating on clothing,” Vallée said last year. “Public services have to be offered and received with the face uncovered for security, identification and communication purposes.”

Interesting that it is a left Government doing this.

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