The secret code for deciphering Winston

There is a very easy way to work out what Winston means, and that is to assume the exact opposite of what he says. We saw this with the Owen Glenn donation when he held up the no sign scores of times, and we then all learnt no meant yes.

So let’s look at recent stories in this light. Stuff reports:

Peters says he’s not favouring either side when it comes to who will form the next government.

This means Winston has already decided who to go with.

“I said I’d go into it with a total open mind, and I’ve asked my caucus and the board to have the same approach… I can honestly tell you I wouldn’t take a guess of what anyone is currently thinking.”

This means he has already decided and is now working to get everyone else to agree with him. That will not be hard.

In July Peters told Newsroom the public would know about NZ First’s decision by “Writ Day”.

“I make this guarantee that whatever decision New Zealand First arrives at post-election, it will be made public by the day the writs are returned, which is within three weeks from polling day,” Peters said.

Which means of course it definitely would not be made public by Writ Day.

Peters said late on Wednesday night that he doubted his caucus would make a final decision by Thursday evening, but he expected they would have an array of options to take to the NZ First board.

This means the caucus will make a decison and the board will ratify it.

“We’re not going to think about offices and positions until we’re happy with the policy,” he said on Wednesday night.

This means they have done nothing all week except think about offices and positions.

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