HDPA on Labour’s short honeymoon

HDPA writes:

Five days to go. If you are counting down to the Christmas break, spare a thought for the Government.

It has been slogging its guts out for weeks, but it hasn’t paid off.

Slogging its guts out? They have had so few bills to pass they started filibustering their own bills to try and cover up!

Which is a surprise, because the last two new Governments — John Key’s and Helen Clark’s — had much bigger jumps in support after their first election wins.

Labour went up 2% while the previous Governments got 11% bounces in the polls.

The stuff that was going wrong was the past few weeks’ constant trickle of little mistakes: Kelvin Davis floundering as Acting PM, Shane Jones surprising the actual PM with his Work for the Dole idea, Stuart Nash messing up his first speech on his first Government bill in Parliament, Chris Hipkins messing up his first vote in Parliament. It’s a lot of oops in a short time.

Will Kelvin ever be allowed to be Acting PM again?

Then there are a billion trees to plant, 100,000 kids to lift out of poverty and 100,000 houses to build. No pressure. Those are a lot of very precise goals that will be held like tape measures against the outcomes.

They are already 1,431 houses behind and 14.3 million trees behind!

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