Here’s how you treat staff

Audrey Malone writes:

Bill English made it a priority to walk around all of the offices the day after Winston’s announcement to say thank you and sorry for not getting over the line. One staff member burst into tears upon hearing his comments and Bill hugged her.

So Bill went around all 25 offices the next day to talk to, thank and commiserate the staff. He knows that while Ministers get a pay cut, it is the staff who lose their jobs (well most of them).

Others were offering help where they could, ensuring the staffer could get a new job.

Paula Bennett invited staffers to her office for some job-seeking advice.

In her former life she had been a recruiter, and wanted to do her bit to dish out some wisdom to help with gainful employment.  Not for any other reason than she knew there was a group of people who were a bit bereft and suddenly found themselves in the situation of having to get a job.

Bennett and Judith Collins were acutely aware that the change of Government also meant that hundreds of other people through no fault of their own had suddenly lost their jobs.  

Collins wrote a Facebook tribute to staff making note of the change in circumstances for them.

Say what you like about Crusher Collins, but people notice those things, and it goes a long way. 

Good MPs tend to care for their staff.